Thursday, December 23, 2010

I love life.

I took this picture yesterday and I just love it.
The End.

Monday, December 6, 2010

50 days left!

Reagan will be here in 50 days! (yes we decided on a name) You say Reagan like President Reagan. Some people have been saying it really weird ways so that has been the easiest way to describe it. He is getting so big! We had an appointment last wednesday and the doctor said his head is finally down. I can now feel his little feet up in my ribs. His kicks still don't really hurt but sometimes he will kick me or stretch in a spot that I just have to go... OUCH! but thats okay :) Doctors always say he is very active which is good and his heartbeat is still super strong so I am grateful for the kicks. He already seems to have such a personality. He is super stubborn and he loves his dad already. He gets excited whenever he hears his voice and Ben says he's the favorite but I'm sure I am the favorite. We technically have 7 weeks until his due date but the doctor says I am measuring ahead and my mom had all of us kids early so they think he will come sooner. I am totally okay with that idea :) We go to the doctor on the 15th and then the 29th and then after that we go every week until he comes. It's getting so close and I can hardly wait. Now I just wish my crib was here! My sweet in laws got us one for my baby shower and it's still in Richfield. I just want it here so I can get the bedding all ready and the saying I'm making up on the wall. His nursery is also our guest bedroom so it won't be strictly just a baby room but it looks so cute in there even if I can't paint it and make it perfect.

On to other things...... Ben has been working sooooooo much lately. I now officially hate him working in retail at Christmas time. I've always heard people say how crazy it can be but I had no idea it would be this bad. Its okay though! Come January I will have my husband back :) As for me I feel fine which is good because I'm cleaning the house and getting baseboards and all of that fun stuff done. I did it a few months ago but it's time to get it all done again before I'm to huge to lean over haha :) Oh and I'm washing his receiving blankets and the onezies. I'm not sure if its really necessary to wash things but he will have sensitive skin i'm sure so I figured its a good idea.

I am so excited for Christmas! My house is decorated but I don't have presents bought haha. I'm a little bit of a slacker and I can't decide what to get people. Sorry I am just rambling. I really don't have anything exciting to say. Hopefully next time I post I will know when Reagan is coming :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

One of my favorite parts about Christmas...

Yes I love The Grinch. I think the movie and cartoon and book are all fabulous. I have already watched the movie twice this month and I love it more every time I see it. Yes, it's a bit of an obsession but oh well. I even helped my mom decorate her tree this year and I talked her into buying new bright colorful decorations... her tree is fabulous! It looks like something you would find in whoville. Everyone who has seen it LOVES it. :) I'm glad I got her to do it because it really is soooo cute. Someday when I have a house and room for it my tree will be cool like that. The end.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ah ha! He has a schedule!

I have finally figured out baby's schedule. BUT! It already gets screwed up when his dad is home. Right now when it's just me at home I feel him move about every 3 hours and around lunch time I feel him every hour. But No matter what time Ben comes home and he hears his voice my stomach starts moving like crazy! I guess he really does like Ben more than me.

Monday, November 8, 2010

So thankful!

I had my first baby shower in Fillmore on Saturday and I had so much fun. We played some games and they were actually fun games and the guests got a prize. I sucked at most of the games but oh well it was fun. Sammie did such a good job. I'm so grateful for Kim for helping and all my family that helped. I am so blessed. Thank you to the friends that came! I'm so glad that you did.

Baby Chappell (yes he is still nameless) got spoiled! So many cute things and I love em all. After I got home from the shower I got to show off everything to my in laws which magically appeared at my door step and it was so fun. Then after dinner I got to show it all off to Ben again. I love it! Right now the stuff is all piled up in my living room. Ben and I are going to get the extra room cleaned out on wednesday and then we will have room for baby stuff. Also my amazing mother made the changing table and it's darling and then today we found a dresser on ksl for 45 bucks and were going to paint it black to match! I will post pictures later this week when my mom comes up and helps me make a cute room :)

Thanks again everyone!!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Little projects :)

Yesterday I decided we needed some football stuff for the baby and I looked online for Texas and Utes football clothing and I just think it's way to expensive for something he will grow out of so quickly. I might still get a few things I have found but for now I went to walmart and got these white onezies on sale :) and found a little bit of orange and red fabric and ta da Baby has football clothes :) Now I just need some pants haha.

I was going to put chappell on the back of the texas ones too but after doing one in red with those teeny tiny letters I decided against it :) Ben says it needs a number on the back so I guess we will have to pick on and then I can add it.

Ben's still hard at work. He is so busy running two stores that I feel like he's never home. I wish I had a job to keep me busy but instead I am a stay at home wifey that has done a lot of scrapbooking and blanket making. I am now just over 27 weeks! 90 more days left until the due date :) I had my glucose test next wednesday and I am not excited for it at all. They gave me the little drink at my last appointment and told me to drink it an hour before my appointment and it looks really yucky. Next Saturday (nov 6th) I have a baby shower in Fillmore and I am so so so stinkin excited. I love getting little baby stuff :) It's all just so cute.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

25 weeks.

25 weeks down 105 days to go! He's getting bigger and stronger everyday. Today I had the laptop barely resting on my lap and he kicked it sooooooooooooooo hard that it fell on the floor. If his kicks are this strong already I am in for some painful kicks & punches :) He is now around 13.4 inches to 14.5 inches long and weighs around 2 pounds :) If he takes after his dad height he's probably 13.4 inches but he sure is tough. We go back to the doctor on November 3rd and thats about it.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Good news!

Thumper :)

Well good news! Thumper is getting better. He has had great big swollen cheeks and we read online that he could have an abscess infection and if we didn't get it fixed he would die :( So we took him to the vet today and yep he has an abscess. It's not like the kind we get. It started in his ear and spread so the poor little guy was so swollen. It was sad to see. Anyways the doctor sedated him and cut open his ear and cleaned it all out. We have to give him shots in the muscle every night for a few days so he can get his antibiotic. I know if sounds silly to take a turtle to the vet but he's my little baby! I have become so attached to both of our turtles that we gave in. The picture is right after we picked him up. He's still pretty dazed so thats why his eye is closed. He's already doing much better and tomorrow morning we can put him back in his tank.


As for our baby boy :) He is growing right on track and it is absolutely fantastic. When he starts kicking me I can lay on my back and we watch my stomach move. It's amazing. I've officially gained 12 pounds and I'm still a little depressed about that but the doctor says it is healthy that I am. They seemed a little worried I was a few pounds under normal last time I got weighed but now I am right on track! Today when we went to my 24 Week appointment the doctor got the heart rate monitor and put it on my stomach and the baby kinda kicked at it. (he doesn't like cold) and the doctor was like oh active little guy :). He's so cute already. We can't wait for him to come! I'm almost officially at the 3rd trimester! Woot Woot!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm a tv junkie now days.

Can I just tell you all how much I love TV lately?! Ben gets home from work and usually his knees are killing him and I'm super lazy after 5 p.m. haha so our nightly thing has been to eat dinner and watch tv together. It's lame and not productive but I love it. Last night was awesome. I always hated The Office but Comedy night on NBC is just to funny to pass up. We love Community, The Office, and Outsourced. It's definitely stupid humor but if you aren't watching you should be.


I'm getting my house all decorated for Halloween/Fall time and I love it. It will be cute :) We are both getting more and more excited for Baby Chappell to come. My mom got Ben some newborn Texas Longhorn stuff and He LOVES it. It's super cute but so tiny! The little booties aren't going to fit him for very long but he can wear it home from the hospital :) Also, I finally went in and did some baby registry stuff. My lovely sister in law and my family are doing baby showers in November so I needed to start deciding on what we need. We weren't at the store for very long but we did get a free goody bag for going in. :)

Well sorry my posts aren't very exciting. Our lives are pretty much the same right now but it's crazy to think how much it's going to change next year.

OHHHH That reminds me.... I do have something else to say :)

I am so so so grateful for the blessings of paying our tithing. This last paycheck we decided it was more important to get caught on up tithing then anything. So once we mailed off our huge insurance premium check we wrote out a tithing slip and just trusted in the Lord that he would provide us a way to pay the rest of our bills. Well last night we officially decided to sell our old beat up 4x4 truck. Ben put it on facebook around 6 p.m. and we had so many offers on it right away. We thought it would be a stretch to get $600 for it and we ended up selling it for $700. I can not even describe how grateful I am. I'm so glad we had the faith to trust in the Lord. He knows best. :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Life is sooooo good.

I love life. Yes we are broke because insurance is so expensive but I love life. Ben makes me so happy and we're enjoying the little things. Baby is doing great, he's just over 10 inches long now and he's so spoiled already. Grandma Crosland and Aunt Angela have already given us gifts. My mom got the cutest little lamb bouncer thingy (I don't know what they are called) I have a whole little tote full of newborn clothes and the cutest little shoes she got us and she ordered some Christmas presents! What a cute grandma :) My Aunt spoiled us with the cutest puppy nightgown and blankets. Then Grandma Chappell scored us a deal on a stroller. I am so grateful for them. I don't know what we'd do without everyones help! Oh and I'm super spoiled too :) Kimmy is letting me borrow 3 totes full of maternity clothes. Thank You for your help guys. Love you lots.


Ben's loving his job. He now is managing 2 t-mobile stores in the Provo Mall and he is super busy. Even when he is home his phone goes off all the time. Oh Well, I'm grateful for his job and how hard he works for me and baby :)


This last week my Dad has been super sick. I'm so glad he's out of the hospital and getting better each and everyday. I'm completely a Daddy's Girl so it's hard for me to see him sick, but we went down and saw him on Saturday and I think seeing his favorite child made him feel better because he's been getting better everyday since :)


Update on me: I have pretty much had the easiest pregnancy ever. I didn't have morning sickness and yes I was tired but I'm ok with sleeping all day. :) We're at 21 weeks now and my only complaints have been that my back hurts! I am carrying him so far back and low that he is literally pushing on my Sciatic Nerve. It's causing some pain and sometimes it makes my hips feel numb. I also feel him kicking me super low and I feel lots of tingles in the stomach which I'm pretty sure is the baby doing somersaults. I still get a little nervous somedays when I don't feel him but I just have to trust that all is well.

Well thats about all that is new with us :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We finally found out!

We're having a Boy! We are both so excited. The baby is super strong and healthy and everything looks good. It's sitting sooooo low. After about 20 minutes of checking the brain and organs and making sure he was perfect I finally had to get up and do jumping jacks and walk around for a few minutes to try and get him to move up. Well he finally moved to his side a little and we got the shot! Yay! We both have always thought boy but lately almost everyone has said it's a girl so I started thinking they were right because they have kids but nope it's going to be a boy and we are both just so excited. Now on to the boring stuff I have gained 8 pounds and I am showing. It's still very small but it's there and I love it. The End!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Move baby Move!

Week 17 has brought lots of movement from baby chappell! I love it! Ben has felt it but it's so hard to feel. We're so excited to find out what it is. Boy or Girl we can't wait! The 8th can not come soon enough :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lucky Girl :)

I just have to tell you all how lucky I am. Life is so good for us. We are completely spoiled. Mostly I am spoiled. Ben works so hard for me and takes such good care of me. I love him so much and am so grateful for him. We are so excited to be pregnant. He says the cutest things sometimes but I won't embarrass him. I can't wait until we know what this baby is. I'll be happy as long as it has Ben's blue eyes :) And I'm going to have to stock up on Longhorn baby clothing lol Boy or Girl thats what Ben thinks it should wear all the time :) he's cute.. Well thats really all I had to say!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

4 months down 5 more to go!

Woot Woot! We went to the doctor yesterday. It was kinda a pointless appointment. haha all he did was go oh yeah there is the heartbeat... sounds good and strong... any questions? You feeling good? Awesome since everything looks great at this point lets just schedule the ultrasound! I went YAY!!!!!!!!!!! So the day we find out is Sept 8th :) I got the earliest appointment I could because I can't wait :) I have been doing pretty good. I've figured out what makes me sick so I've been doing better. I have energy now and feel like I can actually get work done! Dr. Pepper and I are not friends and it really makes me sad. The fews times I've had it lately it makes me sick :( I hope our friendship can continue in January because I will miss him dearly.

Oh and baby looks like this!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The size of an orange...really?

Baby is 4 inches long and weighs 2.5 oz. I know thats tiny but it actually looks like a little baby :) I can feel him or her fluttering around every once in a while and I love it. I wish I could feel it every single day. We have our next appointment on August 11th and I can't wait. I love hearing that heart beating. We haven't gotten anything for the baby yet. I think about it all the time and want to go look around but I don't think Ben is into it yet.. Hopefully we can go someday. We still have 5.5 months until the arrival of our little one. I wish it would come sooner but I can be patient. I love this baby so much already and can't wait to meet them.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

January 25th can not come soon enough

Baby Chappell :)

Sorry it's so blurry and tiny but I took it with my camera phone.

12 weeks and 1 day

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So far so good!

Well, we just got back from our very first doctor's appointment. He says everything looks great and put me at 10 weeks instead of 9 weeks! Woot Woot! They are doing a dating ultrasound next Wednesday so we will know our exact date and we will get to hear the heartbeat. It's finally starting to feel real! :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

I love these.

I love these. They bring so much happiness into my life...

Oh and I go to my first doctor appointment on July 7th. Keep your fingers and toes crossed (carter excluded) that everything is ok!

The end.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


There is lots and lots and lots going on in our lives right now but no details to report on so I can't really update all of you yet! Hopefully we will know in the next week what our plans are but for now just stay tuned :) haha.

We got all moved to Santaquin but that might all change.. one of those things I can't fully update you on yet.

Also, Ben's mom is doing great! I went and helped her escape from the hospital a couple weeks ago and for the first time in 3 years she is not in pain. It's amazing! Priesthood blessings do come true!

Sorry I don't have details but I will soon.... i hope!

Friday, May 21, 2010

The happenings...

*Ben graduated!!!

*Ben got a great job!!!

*I'm officially done being the General Manager at Subway!!!

*We're moving on the 29th to Santaquin!!!

*We're going to be Morgan's neighbor!!! :)

*Oh and we bought this....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I am so ready for Spring! I hate winter because I have to wear real shoes so I've been lovin this flip flop weather! :)

Not much is new with us. Ben's sister got married and that was fun. Ben's still sick of school but he graduates in 44 days :) Then on to a new adventure!!! Hopefully we get the Seminary job but if not Ben's got sweet back up plans :)

The End.

(sorry I just don't have anything to say)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

592 wonderful wonderful days

Ben and I have been married for 592 days :) I love it.. I love it more every day. We've never spent a night apart and I hope we don't have to for a very long time.

Us February 2008

Engagements March 2008

Monterey Bay Cali June 2009

San Fran June 2009

Anyways I had nothing to blog about and I don't have any exciting news. I just love Ben. Oh and we're going to ALASKA on a cruise in July .... Yes, we're spoiled. :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

sneak peek..

We got family pictures taken in November to give to my parents as a Christmas gift. I'd upload all of them, but they are huge and its not workin out for me so you just get a sneak peek!