Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Good news!

Thumper :)

Well good news! Thumper is getting better. He has had great big swollen cheeks and we read online that he could have an abscess infection and if we didn't get it fixed he would die :( So we took him to the vet today and yep he has an abscess. It's not like the kind we get. It started in his ear and spread so the poor little guy was so swollen. It was sad to see. Anyways the doctor sedated him and cut open his ear and cleaned it all out. We have to give him shots in the muscle every night for a few days so he can get his antibiotic. I know if sounds silly to take a turtle to the vet but he's my little baby! I have become so attached to both of our turtles that we gave in. The picture is right after we picked him up. He's still pretty dazed so thats why his eye is closed. He's already doing much better and tomorrow morning we can put him back in his tank.


As for our baby boy :) He is growing right on track and it is absolutely fantastic. When he starts kicking me I can lay on my back and we watch my stomach move. It's amazing. I've officially gained 12 pounds and I'm still a little depressed about that but the doctor says it is healthy that I am. They seemed a little worried I was a few pounds under normal last time I got weighed but now I am right on track! Today when we went to my 24 Week appointment the doctor got the heart rate monitor and put it on my stomach and the baby kinda kicked at it. (he doesn't like cold) and the doctor was like oh active little guy :). He's so cute already. We can't wait for him to come! I'm almost officially at the 3rd trimester! Woot Woot!!!


  1. Good 2 hear everything is going good

  2. i'm so excited!! tommy cant wait to meet his buddy :)

  3. I love that you love your turtle so much! He is adorable! We actually have a turtle pond right by our townhouse and we are planning on catching one for Mae because we too love turtles! Also we are excited for Baby Chappell, keep the updates coming!