Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Life is sooooo good.

I love life. Yes we are broke because insurance is so expensive but I love life. Ben makes me so happy and we're enjoying the little things. Baby is doing great, he's just over 10 inches long now and he's so spoiled already. Grandma Crosland and Aunt Angela have already given us gifts. My mom got the cutest little lamb bouncer thingy (I don't know what they are called) I have a whole little tote full of newborn clothes and the cutest little shoes she got us and she ordered some Christmas presents! What a cute grandma :) My Aunt spoiled us with the cutest puppy nightgown and blankets. Then Grandma Chappell scored us a deal on a stroller. I am so grateful for them. I don't know what we'd do without everyones help! Oh and I'm super spoiled too :) Kimmy is letting me borrow 3 totes full of maternity clothes. Thank You for your help guys. Love you lots.


Ben's loving his job. He now is managing 2 t-mobile stores in the Provo Mall and he is super busy. Even when he is home his phone goes off all the time. Oh Well, I'm grateful for his job and how hard he works for me and baby :)


This last week my Dad has been super sick. I'm so glad he's out of the hospital and getting better each and everyday. I'm completely a Daddy's Girl so it's hard for me to see him sick, but we went down and saw him on Saturday and I think seeing his favorite child made him feel better because he's been getting better everyday since :)


Update on me: I have pretty much had the easiest pregnancy ever. I didn't have morning sickness and yes I was tired but I'm ok with sleeping all day. :) We're at 21 weeks now and my only complaints have been that my back hurts! I am carrying him so far back and low that he is literally pushing on my Sciatic Nerve. It's causing some pain and sometimes it makes my hips feel numb. I also feel him kicking me super low and I feel lots of tingles in the stomach which I'm pretty sure is the baby doing somersaults. I still get a little nervous somedays when I don't feel him but I just have to trust that all is well.

Well thats about all that is new with us :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We finally found out!

We're having a Boy! We are both so excited. The baby is super strong and healthy and everything looks good. It's sitting sooooo low. After about 20 minutes of checking the brain and organs and making sure he was perfect I finally had to get up and do jumping jacks and walk around for a few minutes to try and get him to move up. Well he finally moved to his side a little and we got the shot! Yay! We both have always thought boy but lately almost everyone has said it's a girl so I started thinking they were right because they have kids but nope it's going to be a boy and we are both just so excited. Now on to the boring stuff I have gained 8 pounds and I am showing. It's still very small but it's there and I love it. The End!