Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just a few things I'm thankful for

Ben. :) He's the best. I love him.

Ben's family. They are all amazing and so much fun.

My family.

They keep me grounded and they are absolutely amazing. I'm so lucky to have such an amazing mom and dad. I also am grateful for Colton. He's such a great little brother and we always have so much fun together. I love them!!

And Carter and Stephy.. Steph has been so much fun to have in our family. It's so great to have them live close by so I can see them often. Love you both!

And yes there are a million other people and things I am grateful for but I just wanted my families to know how much I love them and how thankful I am for all of them :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

One year ago today....

One year ago today Ben and I were coming back from visiting my family in Fillmore and getting new tires on my car. We were just north of the Panquitch exit when Ben said, "Do you feel that vibrating?" I said, It's probably just the road, and he said I think it's our tires. Well, as this conversation was happening we were passing a diesel. Just after we got back into the slow lane we ran over a bird bone.... yes a bird bone.. it was 1/4 of an inch long and it blew up our back passenger tire. We started fish tailing, seconds later the diesel hit the front driver side of our car. It spun us backward barely missing the back of the trailer and another truck. We spun several times into the median, but luckily we were both wearing seatbelts. I always wear mine, because my Patriarchal Blessing says to avoid being careless in a vehicle and to also be responsible. SOOO that was a big red flag of Ashley wear your seatbelt!!! I am so grateful for Patriarchal Blessings. I really do think that it saved my life. I'm also grateful for my wonderful husband who was instantly by my side that day. I love you Ben!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A whole bunch of Randomness

Sorry for the picture overload. We just thought we'd update you on everything we've been up to :)

I also wanted to update you on Ben's seminary job.

So far he's done amazing. The only real criticism he gets from the evaluators is that he's to casual.. (sounds like my ben) The students love him, the other teachers love him, and he's doing an amazing job!!!

Meet Thumper.
He's the newest addition to our home. He's funny. He's definitely not shy at all, he can't find food easily cuz he's kinda a dumb dumb, but he does eat out of your hand which is fun. :) We call him thumper because when we got him he kept trying to get out of the container and he's keep falling down making a thumping noise.. so he's Thumper :)

Meet Little Foot. We got Little Foot back in June and he is getting so big. He's shy.. very shy. He was the smallest of all the turtles when we got him and we think he's a wimp, but I love him anyway :)

This was a crafty project I made a while ago. I still need to frame it, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. The picture is blurry but it says Manti Temple, Dedicated may 21 1888 by Lorenzo Snow and then the other side says Always & Forever June 27th, 2008 Ben & Ashley :)
This is a random picture of us I look funky but Ben's cute so I put it up :)
Ben took this picture.. lol You will always find these in our car. :)

next up is a bunch of pictures of the Baby shower I threw for my cousin Kimmy.
This is the baby advice book I made for her and some delicious cupcakes, and also the door :)

This is a DARLING cake I made. :) It's made out of diapers
I also made up her cute invitations and wrote on the inside of it for her.

We also went to Lagoon this summer. I hate roller coasters... with a passion but they were free and it was a company party. It was probably a waste of time but Ben was really into this police game so I had to post the picture :)

WAY Back in August Ben's parents had a little party. There were all these events that you could win money... anyway I learned I really really suck at throwing darts so when I actually hit a balloon and a dollar was inside I was pretty stoked!!!!

And this is Cherisa being a rockstar :)

The end!!!