Thursday, December 23, 2010

I love life.

I took this picture yesterday and I just love it.
The End.

Monday, December 6, 2010

50 days left!

Reagan will be here in 50 days! (yes we decided on a name) You say Reagan like President Reagan. Some people have been saying it really weird ways so that has been the easiest way to describe it. He is getting so big! We had an appointment last wednesday and the doctor said his head is finally down. I can now feel his little feet up in my ribs. His kicks still don't really hurt but sometimes he will kick me or stretch in a spot that I just have to go... OUCH! but thats okay :) Doctors always say he is very active which is good and his heartbeat is still super strong so I am grateful for the kicks. He already seems to have such a personality. He is super stubborn and he loves his dad already. He gets excited whenever he hears his voice and Ben says he's the favorite but I'm sure I am the favorite. We technically have 7 weeks until his due date but the doctor says I am measuring ahead and my mom had all of us kids early so they think he will come sooner. I am totally okay with that idea :) We go to the doctor on the 15th and then the 29th and then after that we go every week until he comes. It's getting so close and I can hardly wait. Now I just wish my crib was here! My sweet in laws got us one for my baby shower and it's still in Richfield. I just want it here so I can get the bedding all ready and the saying I'm making up on the wall. His nursery is also our guest bedroom so it won't be strictly just a baby room but it looks so cute in there even if I can't paint it and make it perfect.

On to other things...... Ben has been working sooooooo much lately. I now officially hate him working in retail at Christmas time. I've always heard people say how crazy it can be but I had no idea it would be this bad. Its okay though! Come January I will have my husband back :) As for me I feel fine which is good because I'm cleaning the house and getting baseboards and all of that fun stuff done. I did it a few months ago but it's time to get it all done again before I'm to huge to lean over haha :) Oh and I'm washing his receiving blankets and the onezies. I'm not sure if its really necessary to wash things but he will have sensitive skin i'm sure so I figured its a good idea.

I am so excited for Christmas! My house is decorated but I don't have presents bought haha. I'm a little bit of a slacker and I can't decide what to get people. Sorry I am just rambling. I really don't have anything exciting to say. Hopefully next time I post I will know when Reagan is coming :)