Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mahayla Rees Chappell

Possible TMI for some of you :)

Mahayla came into the world on July 27th, 2012 at 6:37 p.m.. She weighed 6 pounds 11 ounces and was 18 1/2 inches long.

She is the most well behaved little girl. She's a good eater, a great sleeper and when she's awake she just likes to look around and make noises. She's never fussy unless she's hungry but that is fixed in seconds. She doesn't like to be changed though. I think she gets cold quickly because the second your done and she's wrapped back up she's as happy as can be.

My labor was short and sweet. But oh man it was more painful than Reagan's. I got to the hospital at noon and they checked me out and I was at a 4. I knew I was about there because I had a doctors appointment the day before and Dr. Hansen said I was a 3 almost a 4. At about 1 my contractions were getting about 2-3 minutes apart but they still weren't that painful just uncomfortable. The hospital was crazy busy and I still didn't even have an IV! So by 2 I had my iv and got all my paperwork finally ready and at around 3 I finally got my epidural. (heavenly). At about 4 my contractions weren't doing a whole lot and were starting to slow down so Dr. Hansen came in and said lets do some pitocin and get this sweetie here. So they started me on the lowest dose. We just kind of waited around and my parents were at my house with Reagan. He woke up at about 5 and said they were going to come over to the hospital in a little while to see me. The nurse checked me at 5:45 and I was at a 7 she also turned the pitocin up. I figured it was going to be a couple more hours. Around 6 my parents got there and Ben went down to meet them. I was texting a friend and all of the sudden INTENSE pressure and I felt fluid gushing. The pain started and I paged a nurse and called Ben and told em both to get there butts back in the room asap. This was 6:11 pm. The nurse came in and said your complete already and Ben was like wait she's ready? The nurse was like lets do a practice push and I said you might want to page the Doctor I go really fast. She said well lets just do one and see what happens. So I did one push and she said Stop. Do not push again. I said I told you so. She paged the baby nurse and Dr. Hansen and started getting ready. In the mean time I'm having intense pressure/pain and fighting so hard not to push. All the nurses come in and Dr. Hansen is on his way from the clinic. (same building luckily) As he's walking down the hall he sees my mom and says Show time! Well he gets into the room helps the nurse finish up getting ready and I do 2 more pushes and baby girl was born. So really i pushed for like 2 minutes? Fabulous I know. May had some lung issues but nothing to bad. She just sounded like she had crap in her lungs. We still got to hold her and her color and everything was fine but they called in a NICU Respiratory nurse just to clear out the stuff. Well she came in and helped May get it out of her stomach and once she coughed she got it all out.

Mahayla really is the sweetest thing. Reagan likes her and likes to show her off but he's having a hard time. He's insanely clingy especially to his dad. But he's learning and he likes to help with her.

We absolutely love the new addition to our family. Although she wasn't exactly planned or expected we are glad she came. Having 2 kids is such an adjustment and I'm terrified to go to the grocery store by myself. 1 kid was hard enough!! I'm so grateful to my parents for coming and helping so much with little danger. He had a blast with them and it was nice to know that he was in good hands so I didn't have to worry about him at all.