Thursday, November 17, 2011

Let's play catch up

Sorry I've been out of the blogging world we haven't had a computer but I will pick a few pictures and update you the best I can :)

Reagan is now almost 10 months old!! He's soooo much fun. He's walking and climbing and causing all sorts of trouble. He will not hold still for 5 seconds. I can not believe how much energy the kid has but I love it. He recently had his first dentist appointment and he doesn't like Dr. Chappell as much as Grandpa Chappell but he did good and Kevin said his gums felt strong and all the spots were in the right spot. So even his teeth will be perfect :)

9 Months 20 lbs 28 inches

Halloween was so much fun. Reagan was a dragon and he would growl at people. It was so cute. We only went to a few neighbors houses and then people we knew that lived near by and he got lots of candy and everyone loved him :)
8 months old and he got his first tooth on his 8 months birthday. His second one followed a couple of weeks later :) His new favorite toy is the pots and pans ha ha.

7 months old he is crawling and getting into everything and sleeping great at night. He's such a bottle baby and he no longer is spitting up FINALLY! We went to California with the Chappells. He loved the beach until he got cold and he was a pretty good traveler. He has also mastered standing up in his crib so we had to move the crib down to the lowest setting.

6 months old. He's a master sitter now and he loves fruit. We just moved into a house the end of July and he likes to play in his own room. He loves when his dad reads to him and he's struggling to sleep at night by himself.

5 months old he is as cute as ever. His favorite words are da da and sometimes ma ma. He mostly just babbles and no one understands him but he's such a joy. We love him to death.

Reagan is our whole life. He's a spoiled baby and he loves attention. :) He also loves the cartoon Super Why haha It's the one time during the day he will sit there and focus without trying to run away. Our house is coming together finally. It still looks like a tornado hit but we are trying to get it all perfect. Home remodel is hard with a baby!!!

I hope this satisfied some of you since I was getting crap for not blogging (kati....) :) Love ya all!