Sunday, November 18, 2012

Life Lately

Warning I will be bragging a lot about my genius son. :)

Reagan is sooooo freaking hilarious. He says all sorts of words. I'd list them all but it would take forever. He can count to 5 and he knows his colors. (red, blue, green, yellow and purple) He's madly in love with Choo Choos and he SINGS. No just blah blah blah he actually sings the words to 2 songs. He knows the chorus of We are young and you have stolen my heart :) He still loves music videos and will rock out with his dad. He loves his bed and we don't have much trouble with him getting out of it before falling asleep. Oh he also knows some shapes. Mostly Circles but it amazes me how fast he is learning. Every day he says something new or points out things. Like the moon, airplanes, and snow. He LOVES the snow. He played in it and was sad when the snowball would shatter when his dad threw it on the cement. He would say OH NO what did you do!? (thats his favorite line.) My baby is growing up. I know he's a toddler now and has been for a while and weighing in at 30 lbs he is definitely not a baby but oh well. I still call him that :)

Mahayla is an angel. She's 13 lbs now and officially in size 2 diapers lol. She sleeps about 7 hours straight and is so happy all the time. She's started laughing. Like really really laughing and I love it. She has the cutest little smile and absolutely adores Reagan. Watching him is usually when we get the biggest laughs out of her. She still hates her car seat which is a bummer since we travel a lot for the holidays but someday she will learn it's not so bad. She grabs toys and i'm actually glad she hasn't figured out how to roll over yet. :) Did I mention she has the CUTEST fat rolls? I love them. Oh yeah and she loves her crib. Only wants to sleep in it. Which is fabulous at home... Not so fabulous when we go anywhere :)

Ben is doing great. He loves his job and is doing well. He gets compliments from his bosses all the time. I love that he sets his own schedule and can be available if I need his help. I am doing great too. I have a calling in the ward and I suck at it. I'm the 2nd counselor in the YW. I wish I could do better at it but with 2 under 2 it's becoming impossible. Not to mention we hate nursery in our ward and even Ben is uncomfortable with him being in there due to what we see going on. I don't want to diss on the ladies but we don't want Reagan in there. So sundays are hard because Ben teaches and I can't juggle both kids in yw. Tuesdays are even worse because mutual is at 7 and Ben also has Scouts that night. Oh and May does this thing where at 7 pm she starts screaming. Then goes to sleep at 7:30 so like I said before I'm the worst yw leader...ever.