Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

Carter's Weddin'

Carter and Stephy got married on Friday. It was absolutely amazing!! I cried, but pretty much everyone in the sealing room cried... except for Ben he's to tough to cry. Lol. I'll post pictures of it when they get back from the honeymoon and steph gives me the pics :) A week before the wedding they had an auction/dinner in Fillmore. A family friend put together the whole thing and it was amazing to see how much love everyone has for Carter.. I cried again.. the whole entire time. It was just so special. I'm a cry baby when it comes to Carter. Anyway, they got enough donations to get a van with the ramp and everything so because of that they got to go to San Diego, just the two of them for there honeymoon. It was amazing.. I loved it. I absolutely love Steph. She's an amazing girl.

Ben's brother comes home from his mission this week! He's been serving in New York. I'm excited, but nervous because I've never met him!!

Ben also starts teaching Seminary on thursday and he's pretty much super excited. And I think he's even more excited for College to start :) ok ok jk thats a lie he's not excited, but I am!!! I just want him to be done and get a job with the church so we can move on with our lives and settle down and stop moving :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

What we've been up to

Lately we have been all over the place! We went to a family reunion in Fruitland weekend & I wen to Steph's Bridal shower that Saturday. Both we're so much fun. We didn't get to stay at the family reunion for very long, but it was nice to see people while we were there. Yesterday we went to Fillmore for an auction and a dinner for a fundraiser for Carter and Steph. It was absolutely amazing!!! I was crying the whole time because I was so happy for them and so grateful for all the donations. The people in Fillmore are absolutely amazing.. Tomorrow we are headed to Salt Lake for Steph's endownment day and then its the wedding next week!!! I'll post more and pictures once life slows down a bit!