Friday, June 3, 2011

Loves and Hates of a 4 month old

Our little Reagan is 4 months old! He's so fun and has such a personality.

He knows what he likes and doesn't like and it's funny to find out.

He LOVES Rice Cereal and Pears. He has only had Pears and Apples. Both were a hit.

He had Bananas one day and they didn't work out so well so we will try them again later.

He hates socks! He will pull on them or once in a while he will fuss and as soon as you take the socks off he will smile and be much happier. Silly little boy! I guess he will be like me and only like flip flops :)

He LOVES holding his own bottle but he can't really do it so I have to prop it up or help without him knowing :)

He LOVES to be up and going. He's a social baby so this toy has been a life saver!

He LOVES to be wild and crazy. He has always made the funniest faces.

He LOVES to put everything into his mouth!
Even his little toes :)

He HATES blankets on him. He gets this from Ben and will kick all of them off of himself.
So I have to be sneaky and cover him once he's out!

He HATES getting his picture taken. :) Ok not really
I think he just gets sick of me taking it a million times a day so he hides.
Little Danger is so much fun. I know I say that all the time but he is! He's entertaining and talks a lot! He's a good sleeper now and likes to be outside in the stroller. Oh he also likes to go shopping :) Mostly because he gets a lot of attention and everyone stops and talks to him and he flashes them all a big smile!

He has the CUTEST laugh. Ben got his laughing so hard the other day that he couldn't stop. It was hilarious. :)