Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Little projects :)

Yesterday I decided we needed some football stuff for the baby and I looked online for Texas and Utes football clothing and I just think it's way to expensive for something he will grow out of so quickly. I might still get a few things I have found but for now I went to walmart and got these white onezies on sale :) and found a little bit of orange and red fabric and ta da Baby has football clothes :) Now I just need some pants haha.

I was going to put chappell on the back of the texas ones too but after doing one in red with those teeny tiny letters I decided against it :) Ben says it needs a number on the back so I guess we will have to pick on and then I can add it.

Ben's still hard at work. He is so busy running two stores that I feel like he's never home. I wish I had a job to keep me busy but instead I am a stay at home wifey that has done a lot of scrapbooking and blanket making. I am now just over 27 weeks! 90 more days left until the due date :) I had my glucose test next wednesday and I am not excited for it at all. They gave me the little drink at my last appointment and told me to drink it an hour before my appointment and it looks really yucky. Next Saturday (nov 6th) I have a baby shower in Fillmore and I am so so so stinkin excited. I love getting little baby stuff :) It's all just so cute.