Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas 2008

I love Christmas! We got to celebrate it 3 times this year!!! On the 23rd we had our own Christmas, Ben got me a beautiful picture of the SLC Temple doorknob.. it sounds weird but you'll have to come see it.. and I got Ben a Nintendo Wii.. :) Christmas Eve we spent the night at my parents house were we got a FREEZER! I think its awesome! I got scrapbooking stuff (which I love) and Ben got a cool shirt and we got Nutcrackers because I'm a little obsessed with them. Pretty much it was an amazing Christmas Eve oh! and we had the best food ever. My mom is such a great cook. Then on Christmas day We went to Ben's parents house where they were patiently (haha) waiting for us to arrive and we opened presents again! We got a sweet book with Christmas stories/poems in it, and a new computer, and movies, and all sorts of fun stuff!!!! Then Ben's mom made us more delicious food and we watched lots of movies. The the saturday after Christmas we drove up to Temple Square and saw the lights. It was beautiful. I loved it! We are so so blessed and have such amazing families. 


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