Monday, January 23, 2012

1 year old!!

I can't believe Reagan is 1. It was an exciting day and also a day of remember whens. We had a little party on Saturday and he loved having all the attention. Grandma and Grandpa Crosland spoiled him like crazy and brought tons of balloons! He still is pulling the strings and dragging them around the house. He had his 1 year check up today and he is 22 lbs (60th percentile) his head is 19 inches (95th percentile) and thanks to the Rees genes he is 28 1/2 inches long... (10th percentile!!!!!!)

I really do have myself a little Ben but thats okay I love it. I don't care if he's short. He's the smartest little guy ever. He's doing things his dr. said most babies don't figure out until closer to 16-18 months of age. He is still a wild man and pretty much runs all day long. He's a good sleeper and a good eater if he can feed himself. So he eats a lot of fruit loops and pasta :) I'm trying to get rid of the bottle which is not going so well but we will figure it out. :) Here are some pictures for you to enjoy :)

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  1. His eyes are mesmerizing!!! What a cutie! I hope our little girl is a cute as this little guy!