Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Story time of the past week!

Warning: This might be TMI for some of you :)

First of all Ben got a new job with US Bank and we are MOVING! It's horrible timing but it will be wonderful. He starts January 31st. So! Last Monday the 17th I was having blurred vision and I had been having higher blood pressure so I went down to Walmart and it was 141/94. So Monday morning I called and they told me to come in on Tuesday. We went to the doctor and it was high when we went in so they did a NST and the baby was just fine, but they were concerned about the blood pressure so I was told to do a sweet 24 hour urine collection! That was the lamest thing ever! Anyways the next day we decided since Ben had the morning off we needed to go up to West Jordan and find a place to live since we knew the baby would be coming the next week and he was scheduled to work everyday until then. Anyways we ended up finding a place and headed down to my 39 week check up at 2. When we get to the doctor they take my blood pressure and I have to look at the scale at how huge I am and then we wait. The doctor comes in and checks me and I'm only dilated to a 1 and 80% effaced. So I assume yep at least another week. THEN!!!!!! The doctor says your blood pressure is getting to high and it worries me a little I think we just need to get you delivered. Instantly a million emotions are running through me and I'm like okay sounds great! Then he says I will call the hospital and you guys should head over after you get your errands done. Then I kinda start freaking out. I'm so excited he's coming but so nervous at the same time. We leave the doctor and go to Ben's work and he makes arrangements to get people to cover his shifts and we head to the hospital. They get us all checked in and my 6 p.m. they start me on a cervix softener. I can't remember the name of it but it was a pill I took every 4 hours. So they keep checking me and checking me and the most I get to is a 2! I'm like great this is going to take forever! Finally at 6 a.m. they decided to start me on Pitocin. She says now this can bring on really strong contractions and I start bracing myself for it all to begin :) by 9 a.m. I was having really painful contractions and they were 1.5-2 minutes apart. The nurse comes in and she goes sweetie don't just try to be tough do you want your epidural? I'm like don't have to ask me twice (even though I was terrified of the epidural) So the doctor comes in and gets me the epidural and I'm thinking that wasn't so bad it was just really cold going down my spine. After about 10 minutes life is great :) No more pain and all I get to do is lay there and listen to my babies heart beat. BUT!!! I'm still at a 2. I stay at a 2 until about 3:00. Then the nurse comes in and checks me and I'm at a 4! YAY Progress!!!! She says Dr. Drewes is going to come in and break your water. So by 3:15 he comes in and breaks it and says I get off at 6:00 and since your a first time mom you probably won't dilate all the way until sometime this evening. I say to him see ya in a hour because I want him here already I'm way to excited. Then at 4 my back starts realllllllllly hurting and I'm like what the crap I'm suppose to be numb! I can feel lots of pressure and so about 5 minutes later the nurse comes back and I tell her and she gets the doctor and he gives me something for my back labor and then she checks me. It's about 4:25 by now and she checks and I'm at a 9!!!!!! So she says okay I'm going to go ask Dr. Drewes how he wants to proceed. She comes back in with the baby scale and a bunch of gadgets and says okay we are going to do some pushes to see. So she puts the transformers bed together and I do 2 sets of pushes with the contractions and she says ohhhh I can see hair! She pages the doctor and he comes in at about 4:45 and I do 3 more sets of pushes and at 5:15 p.m. I hear little baby screams :) It was the most amazing sound I have ever heard. The spirit is so strong in a room when a new baby is born. In fact I'm such a baby now that I'm crying writing this. Anyway It's kinda an overwhelming experience.... Ben cuts the cord and instantly his heart just melts. He is completely smitten by this little boy. They get him cleaned up and I get to hold my little angel and he stops crying. He weighed 7lbs and is 19 inches long. Then they get me all fixed up and Ben goes with them to the nursery. Ben said he didn't cry when he got his shots and he just held onto his finger. Finally we get moved down to the Mother and Baby room both sets of Grandparents were there and they got to hold there first grand baby. I'm pretty sure he is the most loved little boy in the entire world. At about 11 p.m. they take Reagan to the nursery so that we can get some sleep. BUT Oh man was I hurting. I swear the recovery is worse than the delivery by far! So needless to say I didn't sleep at all and I missed my baby. The next day my parents and little brother got to stay and spend lots of time with him. He loves them and even whimpers in his sleep like Grandpa Crosland. While my mom was there I finally got to get in the shower.... oh can I just tell you how much pain relief I got from that shower oh and TUCKS are the most amazing product ever invented. That day we got visits from Angela Oakeson and Carter and Steph made it up to see him. The entire day my phone is going off from all the sweet messages people were leaving me on facebook but My Aunt Julie left me a comment that says. "Oh how I wish I had a voice, I have a hundred things to say, Before I forget I'd tell you of God, I left him just yesterday. (again crying because its so true) Newborns have the sweetest spirit and I am just overwhelmed with love and gratitude. Anyways back to the story. We kept him in our room until 3 a.m. that night until they had to go get his checked for Jaundice. Then at 8 they brought him back in and by 11:30 saturday morning we got to go home. When we got home my sweet mom and dad had lunches made and my house clean for us. It was so nice to have her help. This day is Carter's birthday so we all just hung out at my house and Reagan got spoiled with love. Grandma and Grandpa Chappell even came back to visit him. Everyone just loves him to pieces and he really is a very good baby. He hardly ever cries and he is a good eater. I was worried at first because my milk didn't come in until day 4 but now it's much easier to breast feed and he is doing great. We had to take him to the doctor on Monday to get his Jaundice checked because he was at an 8. They say it's low and doesn't require a light and should clear up on its own but they want to check his levels again tomorrow. I hate getting it checked because they poke his foot and he cries a lot while they do it and well i'm a softy and it makes me upset! They said he is in the 17 percentile for weight and height and his head is in the 34 percentile. He's already on a schedule and so far life is just absolutely amazing. I love being home with him and taking care of him. The hardest part is not holding him all day because he is so cute that I just want to snuggle him all day long! He eats well and sleeps pretty good at night and he smiles all the time. :)

Thank you to my parents for helping me out so much! I couldn't do any of this without your support and love, and thank you to Ben's parents to loving him so much and helping us every way you can. :)

I am so grateful for him and that he is so healthy and perfect. My life has changed so much in the last 5 days and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love this little boy more than anything in the entire world and every time he smiles I fall in love all over again. He is the most precious thing heavenly father has ever given to me and I feel so blessed that he trusted me with such a perfect little angel. Ben is an amazing father and I love him so much.


  1. aaaaa the memories... there is nothing like bringing your tiny treasures into this world! Thanks for sharing your labor story, I really love reading labor stories and remembering all the little things that I went through during labor that have slipped my mind as time goes by!

  2. its so good that you documented all of this you think you will So sweet!