Monday, July 13, 2009

Somethin strange is going on...

Okay so! The weirdest craziest thing has been happening today. Here is the time line and the story...

This story is based on actual events... (lol)

Location: My kitchen table.
Date: July 13th, 2009 :)
Time: 1:06 p.m.
My Cell phone goes off.. Text reads.. Hey its kylie this is my knew number. (yes she spelled New wrong)
I'm like what the? Who's kylie...
So I text back.. Kylie who?
She says.. haha funny do u want to hand out with me and tay to day
I'm all... Who???
Unknown texter girl says.. Taylor P.
I text back.. Who do you think this is???
She says.. Wait what is this taylor or ashley!
(now I'm thinking ok weird that she's randomly texting me but even more weird that the real girl she is trying to get ahold of is named ashley!!!)
back to the story

I say this is Ashley C.

haha ok so do u want to hang out lata today?

By now I have tried a lot of things to figure out who this is but I have no idea and I'm pretty sure I don't know them and its all just a crazy mix up where we both have the same name...

So I continue to try and figure out who it is... So I say.. Sure where do you live?
And she says silly you, you've been to my house!
THEN! My little brother texts her and goes... Okay your starting to weird the bajeepers outta me! I dunno if I can come over today.

And crazy texter girl says.. haha okay! Well text me if you can come..

I'm all this is odd I'm done texting her.. cuz I don't know her!

AND THEN the unthinkable happens! I get yet another random kid texting me!!!!

Time: 3:25

Text from unknown says! Hey this is ammon and my new number!

I was like again!!!!! So I say How did you get my number???

Ammon says.. How do you think babe?
I say! Hmmm babe??? And I have no idea.
Ammon says hahah.. my sister gave it to me..
I say: Who's your sister?
Ammon says.. Whats up with you today?
I say: Are you sure this is the right number?
Ammon says: Yeah I'm sure.. Are you ok?
I say: Yeah fine just trying to figure out whats going on here.
Ammon says: haha crazy girl.. We are all going to Ice Age at 4:15 at Fiddlers 6 if you want to come!

So I decided what the freak.. This is weird.. 2 random people text me and both think I'm ashley!!! WHAT IS GOING ON!

So I just decided not to text back anymore.. what if these are like 12 year old boys.. lol

And even now as I'm sitting here they just text me and said hey are you coming? We're at fiddlers..

Ben and Colton are both like.. Lets play with them.. tell them you are there.. and tell ammon you'll meet him in the back of the theater.. lol and I'm like no way.. what if they are little highschool boys.. I think there is a law about this..

Anyways.. hopefully the texts messages will stop. I didn't write the whole convo but I honestly did try and tell them they had the wrong ashley but nooooo they don't give up!

The end..


  1. Haha, that was so funny! I'm with Ben and Colten, you totally should have played along with it! :) you should have at least drove by to see if you recongized anyone! I'm so curious now!!!

  2. Hi
    This is Patty Martinez. Thanks for posting a comment on our family blog. Sure, I'll follow you. And we are SO sorry that we haven't been able to ship out the salsa. Sergio is so busy these days. When are you guys coming to Texas? We will be out of town Labor Day weekend. I hope that's not when you're coming.