Sunday, June 21, 2009


Here is what has been going on in our life! Carter got engaged.. this is his darling fiance Stephanie. They are so happy and its so cute. I really like her! They are getting married August 14th in the Manti Temple!!

We went to San Francisco!!!! We were there for a week and absolutely loved it! It was fun to go and just get away for a while. We did lots of shopping, spent time at china town (which is awesome) and just hung out. It was nice to spend a week with eachother!


Ben and I adopted 2 baby turtles.. Mine is about the size of a quarter and Ben's is a little bit bigger... We love them :)

Next!!! Ben's family came down for Father's Day. It was fun to see them and they got to see Ben teach his last sunday school lesson! We like the ward we're in but the new house is out of the boundaries so we'll be going to a new ward next week..

Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is our 1 year anniversary! Its crazy to think its been a year! It's been a great year and I fall more in love with Ben everyday!!!!

Last week we made went to my parents house and cut some big circles. We're going to make the plan of salvation for his classroom! It will be sweet when its done!


  1. Yay for Carter! I'm so happy for him! And what a fun trip for you and Ben! I'm so ready to have a vacation! :)

  2. aw I like Stephanie too! I am excited for them!

  3. Ashley, How are you? How is Ben's seminary stuff going? When you see Carter tell him I am so excited for him, that is so great. He is such an amazing guy. I am happy for him. If you guys ever need anything, you've got my number.