Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Easter Pictures, Institute Gradute and Seminary Student Teacher!

First of all I'm sorry I'm such a slacker and updating our blog. This is what has been going on!
Easter time!!!
   First of all we went to Fillmore and saw my family and had a great time with them and then we went to Richfield and had a Jesus Dinner.. It was cool. We ate foods that Jesus would have eaten :) THEN....

 Ben graduates from Institute :) He got an Advance Certificate.. so its like he has his masters for institute.. cool huh! Anyways.. So we go to his graduation, and for those of you that know Ben he HATES big ceremonies. So we get there and its like 7:00 and he leaves to go in the room with the gradutes and I'm just chillin in the Chapel. Then the grads walk in and by now its like 7:18 ish. And I text him and I'm like sit by me not by the gradutes! Because I'm a loser and hate sitting
 alone. But much to my suprise my reply to that text was.. Let's Jet.. I'm thinking.. what? Your really going to leave right before it starts.. and I text back saying.. well whatever you want to do but I think you should just come sit by me. AND THEN the unthinkable happens.. Ben stands up with another kid and I'm thinking ok they are just going to talk to someone.... oh no.. he walked into the room where his certificate was and I get a text saying.. Meet Ye' in the Foyer. And i was like oh... only my Ben.. ... So we did go to his graduation! But.. missed the talks and all the graduation stuff.. :) 

On to my next new exciting news.. Ben found out Tuesday he gets to teach 2 high school classes next school year. He is so excited and I am so happy for him! He'll be such an amazing teacher. I hope he gets picked at the end of this next year :)

Thats about all the news for us.. Its Birthday month for both of us.. mine is on the 15th and his is on the 25th. We're going to party!!!! Oh and we're going to San Francisco on May 29th with Ben's family.. That trip should be awesome, but I'll blog about it then :)

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