Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So I'm a little behind...

Okay. Here is the update on me:

 I have lived at the hospital lately. Okay thats a huge lie, but I did go to the doctor 3 times last week.. if you want all the details about why I hate my doctor I'll let ya know them :). So at first they thought I had PCOS.. but I don't. So then I thought I had something else... and I don't have that either.. So pretty much everything is normal which is FABULOUS!!! A new doctor fixed me in the 3 seconds.. and now I'm on some medicine that I take for a few days and then ta da!!! Fixed. I love it. Anyways.. Ben is insanely busy.. So I don't get to see my darling husband as much as I'd like to, but he's quitting one of his jobs.. I think his last day is Saturday so I'm happy :).. Last week my beautiful mother had surgery so we went up to see her and help her our for the weekend. She's been remodeling her bedroom/bathroom and I absolutely love it! I think it will be beautiful when its done, but my mom has amazing taste so It will be great. Its fun to go up and visit my family. I have 2 darling cousins who are 3 & 2 and they love Ben. Jaxson calls everyone Ashee though which makes me feel loved. My little brother was there and it was fun to see him. I never get to and he's such an amazing guy!!! I love him. And my Dad's funny.. and goofy.. but mostly funny. I love him too! Oh yeah! Mom's doing much better :).... on to a not as happy note.

Ben's mom is sick again. :( She was admitted into the hospital today. I think she's at Utah Valley, but i'm not 100% sure on that. I just need her to get better so that in the future when we have kids she can watch them!!! lol okay I need her to get better for other reasons too. She's so much fun. Its funny to watch how she acts with her kids.. I'm probably the only one that notices little things like that but I absolutely love it. Anyways.. Thats about it for us. Married life is wonderful.  I love it. 


  1. Im glad your mom is doing, good, and you too. I need to go see your moms house, your right she has great taste!

  2. We haven't made an offer on the house yet, we have to get out of our lease and make sure its the house we for sure want!